4-H History Round-Up Form

The 4-H History Round-Up Project was created to preserve the wealth of 4-H history in Randolph County. The 4-H program began in the United States in 1902 and in West Virginia by 1908. In 1915, the first 4-H camp in the world, “Camp Good Luck”, was held on a farm in southern Randolph County. A strong 4-H tradition has continued through the years – creating positive development and special memories for the youth of Randolph County.

The goal of the history project is to document oral histories and archive 4-H memorabilia from former 4-Hers, leaders, and the 4-H community. The current plan is to collect information from people who attended the early camps in Randolph County – either at the Valley Bend site (1923-1951) and/or the current 4-H Camp Pioneer (1952 – present). The long-term goal is to create a 4-H museum area at 4-H Camp Pioneer and to create a documentary about 4-H History in Randolph County.

Assisting with the project are various 4-H groups, WVU Extension and a part-time AmeriCorps member, specifically working with the project. If you know someone (or you) that would share some old 4-H stories or memorabilia, become a part of the 4-H History Round-Up project. Please complete the form below.