Facility Tour

Main (Upper) Campus

  • Brick House

    Originally constructed in 1930s, formerly the caretaker’s house, under renovations in 2022-2023 to be converted into a Camp office and nurse’s station.

  • Hammer Assembly / Torner Dining Hall

    Originally constructed 1960-1963, with significant renovations from 2013-2022.

  • Cheat (Boys) Dormitory

    Originally constructed in 1968, completely updated and renovated in 2023. Sleeps 42.

  • Tygart (Girls) Dormitory

    Originally constructed in 1967, updated and renovated in 2006. Sleeps 110.

  • Schoolhouse

    Mt. Vernon Schoolhouse was originally constructed around 1900 across the road from the Mt. Vernon cemetery. In the 1960s it was moved to the current location and has been used during camps since.

  • Council Circle

    Constructed in 1954 and renovated in 2019, this gathering place is used every year in camp for bonfires and meetings.

  • Vesper Knoll

    Constructed in 1954, this wooded outdoor devotional area is used often for weddings and retreats.

  • Flagpole area

    Originally constructed in 1954, reconstructed in 2017 with the help of generous donors and the masonry expertise of Emmet Teter. This area serves as the center of camp for flag ceremonies.

  • Ed Heineman Park & Playground

    Originally constructed in 1996, this park is maintained in partnership with the Tygart Valley Lions Club to provide an outdoor space for area youth.

  • Walking Trail

    Constructed in 2015 with grant funding, this trail has become a well used outdoor space by area residents.

Agricultural Campus

  • Ag Building

    Constructed in 2008 from several state grants, this facility offers a gathering place and restroom facilities in the center of the agricultural campus.

  • Dakan Arena

    Constructed in 2014 from generous private donations and constructed largely with volunteers, this 110 x 250’ covered riding arena offers an amazing venue for large agricultural and equine events.

  • Isner Building Public Restroom

    Finished in 2023, this building provides ADA accessible bathrooms to the large events of the agricultural campus.

  • Joe Jeran Pavilion & Carol Judy Pavilion

    Constructed March 2017, from generous private donations. These pavilions house expo stall for the various equine competitions held at the Dakan Arena.

  • Agricultural Barn

    Originally constructed in 1974, expanded in 2005, this pavilion style barn has served as the original structure for all livestock and equine events prior to the Dakan Arena. This barn remains an important facility for housing livestock during events. The facility has also been used for outdoor rustic weddings and other gatherings.